There was never a question that Fishnet would be a New Hampshire business. We love the Seacoast area where we’re located for its beauty, inspiration, supportive business community, and wonderfully creative people, which is why we continue to give back every year.

Pledge 1% is about driving economic and social change. As a business, we pledge 1% of our employee time and 1% of our annual revenue to support nonprofits in our community. We’ve been doing it since Fishnet opened its doors, and continue to support this impactful movement.

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Empowering Changemakers

As marketers, we’re fortunate to be part of a rewarding process that connects people to products and services that better their lives. That’s why we also support local nonprofits that share our values – to help these organizations succeed and continue making a positive impact on our community. Learn more about the efforts we support.



It’s important for Fishnet to give back to the community because the community has given so much to us. We’ve tapped into it for great talent, we’ve created a work environment that leverages the attractiveness of the area, and we’ve landed some amazing partnerships and work. It’s only right to give back as a way to say thanks.

Jared Lemos
Managing Partner, Co-founder

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