30%-50% higher customer retention rates exist when your digital experience follows a strategic buyer journey map.


More Than
Your Website.

Digital experiences encapsulate every audience touchpoint – yes, your website, but also social media, collateral, advertising, and communications. Our design and development approach to all of these assets drives the customer journey, instilling trust, familiarity, and usability.

Target, Connect, Convert with Search Engine Optimization

We’ll help your brand get found online, bringing your audience to you. With a winning digital experience, your site will drive lead conversions and business growth. Producing new content or freshening up what you’re already using? We’ll apply data-driven keyword research for search engine optimizations in all the right places. 

Own the
Buyer Journey

Your customers Google things. They read reviews, ask their social networks, compare prices. They make decisions based on how a brand makes them feel – and it happens in an instant. Give them the right digital experience, and their journey will end with your brand every time.

The Importance of UX Design (When Done Right)

When you work with Fishnet, user experience design is always done right. Our UX designers and content team apply deep knowledge of your brand, industry, your audience, and their buyer journey to create next-generation, user-friendly digital experiences that pull your customers deeper into 
the funnel.

Delivering Optimal Digital Experiences to Your Audiences with the Right Technology

How your audience engages with your brand goes far beyond your website. Great digital experiences are made when you’re able to serve up the right content to the right people, and we use proven technology solutions, like WordPress, for example, to make it happen. We apply your brand’s content and creative across every touchpoint, and leverage technology to get it in front of the audience you’re targeting and drive their experience with your brand.

That’s how powerful audience connections are made.


Making great experiences

Performance Assessment

We leverage Google Search Console (Webmasters) and Google Analytics to get a list of existing site errors that may be affecting performance, optimize poorly performing pages, evaluate page load bottlenecks and responsive performance, and identify other page improvements. The goal is to increase your site’s overall performance, which directly impacts how Google sees your website and prioritizes it in search results.

Platform Evaluation & Selection

Fishnet has a number of best-in-class hosting partners like WordPress and Pantheon, and we will direct you to the optimal platform for your business and your needs. We conduct a thorough platform evaluation and make a selection based on your goals and current site performance.  Your hosting platform is a crucial component of any website redesign as it supports your site now and into the future. 

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User Experience & User Interface Design

Websites and other digital assets require a strategically-developed user experience and user interface design to ensure your audience’s interactions with your brand are intuitive, memorable, and engaging. We do the up-front research to understand your brand, your audience, and your industry and apply that knowledge to inform development of a UX and UI design that reflects your brand and delivers an excellent experience.


Technology Strategy & Roadmapping

You can have a great digital strategy, but without the right technology, the impact will fall flat. We’re well-versed in the latest marketing tools and technologies to help you meet your goals, and work closely with our clients to select the right solutions to drive your brand forward. 

Website Design

Your website is the face of your brand, and as a key touchpoint for your audience, helps illuminate your brand and provide a memorable user experience that drives lead conversion. A website design project is an iterative process that is strengthened by collaboration between your team and ours. We help you differentiate your brand through the right messaging and visual design, and then take it one big step further with a user experience and user interface that is intuitive, memorable, and engaging. 

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Video experiences
87 percent

87% of video marketers say that video has increased traffic to their website.


Search Marketing Strategy & Program Management

Help your target audience find your brand online. A paid search marketing strategy puts a clear purpose behind your paid advertising efforts as it ensures you’re applying the right keywords to show up in relevant searches and generate more quality leads through your paid ad efforts. We will also manage PPC ads through Google Adwords and search and display channels, and manage any paid social ads through social channels. 

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Buyer Journey & Dynamic Content

Compelling and relevant content is crucial to driving your target audience through their journey with your brand, and developing the buyer journey allows you to identify what content you have that is working, and what content you need to fill in the gaps. Go a step further and leverage dynamic content to deliver an enhanced user experience – rather than simply serving up generic content, visitors to your site or recipients of your emails receive content relevant to their demographics, purchase history, or interests. The end result is a well-thought-out strategy to convert prospects into customers and drive your brand’s success.

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Ongoing Measurement & Optimization

Content and on-site search optimizations, once implemented, require updating as changes occur to search trends, search engine algorithms, your industry, and your audience’s behaviors. Constant monitoring and regular reporting ensure you will be able to make timely and appropriate updates that keep your site relevant in search. 


Digital spaces can be frustrating and complicated. I enjoy removing their barriers, enabling our clients to achieve their goals and focus on what they do best.

Kameron Mertz
UX Developer

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