Own All of the Digital Customer Journey Stages

Today’s customer journey stages are detailed and non-linear. The journey is almost entirely digital, and potential customers engage with a multitude of touchpoints on different devices. We help you give them what they want.

Customer Journey Optimization

Our proven strategy for customer journey optimization includes several steps to truly understand your target audience personas and how they behave. We want to know how they interact with content and engage in customer journey mapping to connect that behavior to a strategy that will keep your brand top-of-mind with your audience. Here’s what you can except from a customer journey optimization strategy.

Audience Persona Development

Do you know what problems your target audience is trying to solve? Do you know where they typically go to find answers and information? We conduct interviews with your existing customers, as well as stakeholders, and research your industry to help define your target audience personas, identifying key information such as:

  • Job description, including responsibilities and pain points
  • Personal and demographic profile
  • Professional goals and expectations
  • Preferred sources of information, including social platforms

Customer Journey Mapping

The benefits of customer journey mapping are many. An ideal content strategy is one built around the customer journey, where each piece of content helps drive them to the next engagement, ultimately “selling them” on your offering. We design a customer journey map so you can see the purpose behind your content production from a lead conversion perspective.

Dynamic Content Creation

There is enormous opportunity on your website to serve up targeted content at the right moments in a user’s navigation. We develop dynamic content strategies that put specific pieces of content in front of your audience at times when it will have the most impact on the digital customer journey as they move towards a purchase decision.

How Does Content Get So Dynamic?

We leverage Pardot and Salesforce Marketing Cloud to serve up highly-personalized content experiences that reach people at the right point in their digital customer journey.


Our Go-To B2B Salesforce Marketing Automation Customer Journey Tool

  • Identify qualified leads
  • Engage leads strategically throughout their digital customer journey using relevant and personalized marketing campaigns and longer-term nurturing
  • Align marketing, sales, and service teams to deliver a seamless experience and build customer loyalty
  • Track marketing performance

Marketing Cloud:

Enable a 1:1 Multi-Channel Customer Journey

  • Leverage email, SMS, social media, and advertising solutions (among others) to run effective campaigns
  • Set up a 1:1 customer journey across multiple communication channels
  • Pair customer data with AI to personalize their journey at every touchpoint
  • Get deep insights from AI and Google Analytics 360 to analyze your impact and make strategic content decisions across the digital customer journey
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