Guide, Grow, Manage with Pardot Marketing Automation

Take your automated marketing campaigns to the next level with Pardot marketing automation. Get expert support to deploy dynamic content throughout the digital customer journey, resulting in guided digital experiences that help grow customer engagement, loyalty, and your business. Follow that effort with a dedicated support team that delivers continuous support and management throughout the customer lifecycle.

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Empowering Marketing Automation for B2B Brands

Marketing automation success for B2B brands is achieved through our proven process and commitment to optimizing Pardot accounts. We guarantee improvements across the entire customer journey, and we employ a framework that leans on solid requirements and our technical expertise to run consistent audience engagements, while our knowledge of B2B marketing strategies offers long-lasting results. We are focused on the following strategies:

  • Lead generation
  • Lead scoring
  • Lead assignment
  • Sales enablement
  • Email nurture campaigns
  • Content marketing

Here’s what you can expect if you choose Fishnet to be your marketing automation consultant.

Marketing Automation Best Practices

Implementing Marketing Automation for B2B Brands

When you choose us for your marketing automation implementation, you get a dedicated account team that includes a project manager and technical lead, as well as added support from our broad team of designers, content writers, and digital marketers.

Growing & Engaging Your Audience

Our content strategists and digital marketing specialists understand your target audience and their buyer journey, and craft a purposeful dynamic content approach that engages your customers, and grows qualified leads and your business.

Analyzing the Performance of Your Marketing Automation Strategy

We constantly track and assess the performance of your content and your audience behavior. Only then can we optimize and shift strategies to continue delivering an engaging digital experience.

Scaling Across Channels

We take a multi-channel approach to marketing automation, leveraging email and social media channels to enhance the digital customer journey and deliver rich audience data at multiple touch points.

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Create more personalized connections, generate more leads, and close more deals with a Pardot implementation from Fishnet.

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