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Jen Keefe

Learn the 5 biggest challenges in SEO and how to craft an SEO strategy that will keep your brand above the competition and the AI bots.
Environmental branding helps your target audiences experience your brand in a unique and engaging way, and allows you to showcase your brand's unique differentiating value in a manner that is truly memorable.
We'll explore what a core brand message is, why it's important, and what brands must consider to create and maintain a strong brand message in 2023.
The way people think, learn, and digest information in today’s digital world is vastly different so your content should measure up.
A customer journey map enables you to understand who your customers are and how to reach them, even after they become a customer.
Consumers want sustainable, ethical brands that don't just say it but live it, so you should develop your brand with that mindset.
Lead nurturing along your consumer's purchase journey is a lot like starting a new relationship, and brands should treat it that way.
There's a new digital customer journey that involves much more product and service research activity than traditional journeys represent.
Build a foundation to support brand growth with a messaging architecture that allows you to reach your audience and scale with the market.
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