Delivering Technical and Traditional Marketing Expertise to Support an Identity Brand’s Identity

Intellicheck provides high-accuracy identity validation software to companies and law enforcement to help prevent fraud and underage sales. For a company passionate about identity, Intellicheck’s own identity has benefitted from our technical and traditional marketing expertise aimed at driving more quality leads and elevating the customer experience. 

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Integrating the Right Toolsets to Strengthen the Impact of Salesforce

Following the development and launch of Intellicheck’s new website, Fishnet got to work integrating a series of marketing tools to support Intellicheck’s multi-channel marketing efforts. These tools include:


Drift conversational marketing to allow real-time customer and prospect engagement.


Salesforce Knowledge to empower customers to solve their own issues using extensive customer support resources.


Marketing automation strategies to make campaign execution and management easier and more effective across different channels.


Case management for customers who wish to elevate a problem to a “case” and receive support from an individual within Intellicheck.

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The combination of these various tools and functions not only helps Intellicheck maintain a streamlined flow of operations from lead generation through conversion but enables Intellicheck to maintain existing business with customer support and other opportunities that are delivered strategically across the customer lifecycle.

Putting Customers in Control

Our integration of Salesforce Knowledge created a resource center that provides customers a way to access self-service support.

For example, let’s say a bouncer at a bar runs into an issue when scanning IDs at a late hour. The bouncer might message his manager that the ID scanner isn’t working, and the manager would then need to provide troubleshooting. Where customer service isn’t immediately available, Salesforce Knowledge provides customers like that bar manager the ability to solve their own issues in real-time.

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Enabling Technologies Enhance the Customer Experience

An important aspect of our partnership with Intellicheck is that we are providing ongoing strategy and management of every integrated technology solution to ensure each continues to support Intellicheck’s business and objectives.

Our involvement with developing the brand’s message, identity, website, and marketing technology supports has given us valuable insight into the Intellicheck brand, allowing us to provide deeper, more valuable support rather than ad-hoc or reactive actions.


Additional prospects engaged since implementing Drift


Improved data synchronization between integrations


Additional pageviews on Salesforce Knowledge articles


We have a successful product, and Fishnet not only helped us better represent what we have to offer through a refreshed brand message and identity but has helped us elevate the customer experience with the right systems integrations that influence our customer relationships across multiple channels. For us, connecting with our customers and providing that exceptional experience is part of the quality our platform provides, and Fishnet has helped us do that.

Intellicheck Brand Guide

Powering a Strong Brand with a Complete Brand Guide

Intellicheck now has a complete brand guide with all visual identity components to help both internal and external marketing efforts. A brand guide ensures all marketing materials and customer-facing touch-points accurately reflect the brand and can be easily updated to account for changes to the brand’s visual identity. The brand guidelines can now be easily applied to campaigns, customer resources, and other marketing automations to drive a familiar and consistent brand experience.

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It really can’t be overstated how important identity validation is today with so much advanced technology and fraudulent activity out there. Part of our goal in partnering with Intellicheck is to improve the number and quality of leads they bring in, as well as improve how Intellicheck uses marketing tools to deliver a better experience for their customers.

Dan Umbro
Director of Automation


  • Customer Experience Strategy
  • Marketing Automation
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Conversational Marketing
  • Digital Customer Service
  • Brand Identity & Visual System Development 

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