Going Beyond ‘Just Another’ Sustainability Story.

Businesses across industries are making it a point to weave a sustainability story into their messaging. INSITE® Insoles took the effort a step further, innovating an insole with the highest level of bio content while maintaining optimal performance, comfort, and support. INSITE just needed a way to communicate that differentiating sustainability story clearly to footwear brands.

Shaping Brand Messaging and Identity Around Industry-Leading Sustainability

The INSITE brand has been evolving since our initial partnership, and our work has evolved with it. We helped support the brand’s innovations around sustainability by conducting in-depth competitor analyses and industry research, and refining their overall brand messaging. We initially made incremental messaging and visual updates to their former website to better communicate their value, but INSITE had its sights set on a much more significant overhaul of its website, with a focus on content strategy to help amplify their unique brand and sustainability story.

Elevating the Brand Through Strategic Content Creation

Our industry research helped us identify topics and trends for content where INSITE could insert its unique voice and expertise, and amplify its presence online.

We developed a content strategy and created a number of assets, including a brand video, that are offered dynamically throughout the website, helping support and tell the brand story and its sustainability story. We also added refreshed imagery of INSITE’s different insoles, helping tell a visual story that supports the brand’s sustainability and performance claims.

Concept image showing insole made of plant matter

Creating a Buz

As part of a campaign to generate interest and cast a wider net, we implemented programmatic display advertising that promoted the brand’s plant-based and high-performance insoles and offered up a customized insole sample. This highly-targeted campaign effort drove awareness around INSITE’s sustainability story.


INSITE Insoles ad showing percent of sustainable material

A Whole New Online (and Offline) Presence

With the launch of INSITE’s new website, the brand is able to more effectively showcase its focus on innovative manufacturing processes to create insoles that lead the industry for sustainability and performance. Additionally, we created messaging around INSITE’s unique partnership with the Functional Orthopedic Research Center of Excellence (FORCE) Lab at Oregon State University–Cascades, which allows them to apply biomechanics research to insole designs based on breakthrough technology and the work of Dr. Christine Pollard.


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When we started working with Fishnet, we knew we were in a state of flux with big things to come, and Fishnet helped support that evolution with the right strategies for where we were at the time. As our partnership has developed, they have continued to provide guidance and expertise to bring our brand into this exciting new phase where we’re telling our sustainability story, and our data-driven shape story, and people are listening.

Adapting the Story for Scale

INSITE continues to refine its approach to insole manufacturing for even greater sustainability, comfort, performance, and support. Our work to establish a strong brand message architecture has supported INSITE as it evolves with the market.

A Continued Focus on Content

In tandem with the website redesign effort, we also conducted keyword and competitive research to bring our earlier findings more up-to-date. As a result, we were able to add new assets to the content strategy, including an email newsletter featuring recent thought leadership content. These continued efforts help reinforce the brand’s credibility and generate greater brand awareness.


3d rendered shoes using INSITE Insoles
array of 3d rendered INSITE Insoles showing product range
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It’s been extremely rewarding to be part of the evolution of the INSITE brand as they have adapted to a more sustainability-focused market. And they not only adapted, but they innovated an insole that leads the industry in sustainable content and performance. Having such a great sustainability story to tell really helps drive a successful content strategy and pays dividends in brand awareness and growth.

Jennifer Keefe
Director of Content Strategy

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