Enabling Better Product Experiences.

The MESH01 product testing platform helps brands do something that all consumer brands want and need to do well: frame up their product development processes to launch market-leading products that have received pre-market validation from their target customers and deliver exceptional product experiences.

Focusing on the Target Audience

Great digital experiences are all about giving audiences what they want; something that MESH01 appreciated right from the start given their voice-of-the-customer testing platform. MESH01 has a community of more than 50,000 qualified testers who fit a brand’s target audience and will use the products the way they’re intended. We helped MESH develop a website experience and supporting content that would help brands realize the importance of a single-platform product testing solution to drive successful product development.

MESH01 user interface showcasing product testers
MESH01 product tester recording notes in MESH01 app

Rising Above the Industry Competition

Since the beginning of our partnership with MESH01 more than six years ago, the brand has evolved with the industry and to meet the demands of faster, tighter product development timelines; and they have had to evolve to compete with an increasing number of similar companies spilling into the product testing space. For these reasons, we helped MESH01 focus on several key tactics: creating a memorable digital experience; developing strategic content; and optimizing their content for greater performance.

MESH01 software on a laptop

Capitalizing on Optimized, Strategic Content

Our efforts to elevate MESH01’s digital experience and create a content strategy began with in-depth industry research, including competitor performance and activity, top industry keywords and search trends, and comprehensive target persona development. In addition to gathering and producing this information, we also evaluated past and current collateral, as well as brand messaging, to help shape content recommendations and identify gaps in the buyer’s journey that could be leaving potential leads stranded without a clear path forward.

MESH01 survey user interface
MESH01 tester user interface
MESH01 website on various devices to show responsiveness

Site Optimizations and Key Content

MESH01 boasts the only single-platform product testing solution with a community of targeted, qualified testers, and building brand recognition and loyalty around this differentiator rested on an excellent digital strategy inclusive of search engine optimizations and targeted content. Through a persona mapping exercise that connected audience job responsibilities and pain points to MESH01 value promises, we drove a multi-faceted content effort that would apply to all audience touch-points. The application of SEO to all content only enhanced performance and brand awareness.

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MESH01 has gone through several evolutions of the messaging around our product testing solution, and we wanted to understand how to continue effectively communicating our value to the right audiences through these changes. Fishnet showed us how to connect our messaging to our target personas through a content strategy, elevated digital experience, and continued search optimizations. We definitely see the impact of these efforts in the growth of the MESH01 brand.

Building on Brand Growth and Evolution

ishnet has supported MESH01 in its continued business growth, most recently revisiting the brand’s messaging by conducting interviews with key stakeholders and evolving the messaging architecture to more accurately communicate MESH01’s subscription-based, single-platform product testing solution.

The most recent efforts also included optimizations to the website, both with messaging reflecting the updates, and SEO to help with rankings for the content about MESH01 is most concerned with raising awareness. We also launched ad campaigns that have helped drive more eyeballs to the brand’s unique offering and premium product testing content.

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Our lengthy partnership with MESH01 demonstrates how continued involvement with a client’s digital marketing efforts really pays dividends, since we can monitor performance and optimize based on behavioral changes or changes in the competitive landscape. Conversely, we see when performance is doing well, and can make recommendations to build on that success.

Michael Packard
Managing Partner, Co-founder

Services Include:

  • Persona Development
  • Brand & Competitive Positioning
  • Messaging Architecture
  • Identity & Visual System Development
  • Brand Guidelines
  • Packaging Design
  • Go-to-Market & Launch Strategy
  • Growth Opportunities
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