Digital Content Strategy

It’s a Big World; Find the Gap with Our Content Strategy Services

If you feel like it’s nearly impossible to rise to the top of search results and reach your target audience, leverage our content strategy services to make it happen.

A Digital Marketing Content Strategy

Everyone will tell you that you need content, but we will tell you that you need a digital marketing content strategy. Strategic content reaches the right people, through the right digital channels, at the right time – and connects to your other marketing strategies so you can adjust your tactics based on content consumption and performance metrics.

Why Work With a Digital Content Creation Agency?

As a digital content creation agency, we’ve always worked with clients from diverse industries, and that approach helps us do better work. We make the extra effort to get smart about your industry and how your company fits into it, and our due diligence helps validate (or invalidate) your own perceptions. We’ll help you identify that digital gap between you and your competitors and craft a purposeful strategy to win the attention of your target audience. Here’s what you can expect from a digital marketing content strategy.

Digital Content Creation Services

Competitor and Digital Landscape Research

Competitor and digital landscape research is the key to ensuring the content you create is a) positioning your brand as a thought leader among others in the industry and b) giving your target audience the information they need in the way they want to consume it. You can create tons of content, but if it’s not what people are looking for, it won’t help your brand. We help you develop purposeful, targeted, helpful content based on extensive research into your competitors’ activity and the digital landscape at large.

Content Audit

You may already have a repository of content, and that’s great news! A content audit organizes existing content assets and identifies pieces that can be updated, optimized ,and repurposed, which is a great way to support your content strategy without having to start from scratch.

Your Content Strategy Customer Journey

What is a content strategy customer journey? We develop a “persona matrix” in which we map each of your target personas to your content, and where that content fits within the customer journey. This matrix allows us to see any gaps in your customer journey that can be addressed through a content strategy.

Digital Landscape Analysis

What’s happening out there in the digital landscape in which your brand operates? We research content production, social media activity, advertising tactics, and the behaviors and preferences of your target audience to help inform a winning content strategy for your brand.

Content & Social Media Calendar Creation

Once we’ve identified your content needs and the customer journey it will satisfy, we’ll map out a content calendar, which can include social media content as well. Whether your team or Fishnet will be creating content, a calendar helps organize the process and provide visibility, acting as a digital content strategy guide that anyone can follow.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Research

“Turn on” your content with SEO. SEMrush, a Fishnet partner, as well as Google Search Console, both provide spot-on SEO guidance (among other features), and we use these tools to identify the right keywords for your company and industry based on your content and your target audience behavior. Our keyword research includes:

  • Current rankings for your existing website pages
  • Competitor keyword rankings and opportunities to rank for keywords they may not be using
  • Recommended long-tail keywords based on common target audience searches
  • Key metrics, such as keyword volume, difficulty, cost-per-click, competition in paid search, top-ranking pages, and ad copy (among other elements)
  • Evaluating the potential of your keywords to most positively impact your site traffic and visibility opportunities
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