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The Pease Development Authority (PDA) oversees the Pease Tradeport, a hub of business and tourism activity on the New Hampshire Seacoast that includes an international airport, golf course, and public walking trails. With many years of steady growth and development under its belt and a solid plan for continued evolution, the PDA was looking for a way to better communicate everything the Tradeport has to offer.

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Capitalizing on an Impressive Brand Growth Story


Originally an air force base, the Pease Tradeport, under the auspices of the Pease Development Authority, has evolved into an economic engine for the Seacoast of New Hampshire since the early 1990s. When we began working with the PDA on crafting a refreshed digital experience, telling this growth story was paramount. 

We worked closely with the PDA stakeholders to understand the key successes, offerings for visitors and businesses, and contributions to the Seacoast community. We then created a digital experience that clearly communicates how the brand has evolved – and its continued growth.


Fine-Tuning a Well-Known Brand

The Pease Tradeport is something of a Seacoast, New Hampshire staple, so reinvigorating its website presence focused on two key elements: highlighting the critical role of the Pease Development Authority in overseeing the Tradeport’s growth, and bringing the brand into sharper focus by leveraging its well-established look and feel.

Putting Website Visitors into the Tradeport Experience

The Pease Development Authority website gives visitors a clear idea of what they can experience at the Tradeport, whether they know what they are looking for or are checking it out for the first time. 

It was important to communicate all of the offerings and features of the Tradeport, from its vibrant business economy, 27-hole golf course, and government offices to its dining options, recreational facilities, and land or air transportation. Following the theme of “doing it all at Pease”, we designed the website to make it as easy as possible for visitors to find what they need.


Reinvigorated but Still Familiar

We used the Pease Development Authority’s existing brand to ensure the new website look and feel would be familiar to its existing audience but highly compelling to new visitors. 

With on-site photography and other visual enhancements, a cleaner layout, and bold, attention-grabbing copy, we reinvigorated the application of the brand for a greater impact and to better reflect the PDA’s mission and vision, and the overall Tradeport experience.


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The Pease Tradeport has been in a steady state of growth for many years, and our main concern was that the current website didn’t reflect much of that growth and, therefore, did not represent the hard work of the Pease Development Authority. This new website not only tells that growth story but gives visitors a clear understanding of and easy access to everything the Tradeport has to offer. Fishnet helped us make the Tradeport more accessible, and that is a critical aspect of our growth plan.

Paul Brean, Executive Director,
Pease Development Authority


We love working with local businesses, especially those that we actively use. The Pease Development Authority has been an important cog in the wheel of the Seacoast economy for years, and we were excited to help tell the Pease Tradeport growth story, generate more awareness of what it has to offer, and bring the brand look and feel in line with the actual in-person experience of being on the Tradeport.

Jared Lemos, Co-Founder and Partner,
Fishnet Media


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