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Learn all about a Gravity Forms Pardot integration using a form handler with a step-by-step guide.
We review why you should be storing UTM parameters in a cookie and everything else there is to know about UTM parameter best practices.
How can marketers take advantage of Salesforce Custom Objects in Pardot to enhance their own marketing functions and processes?
Using Olark or another live chat tool can help your business connect more effectively with qualified prospects.
Use personalized Drift chat for conversational marketing to better connect with your customers when they come to your website.
Hear from Fishnet's Pardot consultant on the importance of testing Pardot forms and configurations to understand leads and lead gen.
See the favorite dynamic lists used by our Director of Marketing Automation to help our clients with Pardot List Segmentation.
Your complete guide to everything that can affect how records are created, edited, merged or deleted in Pardot
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